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Meet the members of Slower Traffic Keep Right

(image: Jordan, Jason, Jim, Cam)

Introducing the four talented musicians behind the wheels of Slower Traffic Keep Right: Jim Feifarek, Jason Johnston, Camren Crouse and Jordan Hoium!

Jim Feifarek is the lead vocalist and guitar player from Two Rivers, WI. Jim started playing the guitar at 17 and was instantly hooked. His musical influences range from The Doors and The Beatles to Metallica, Slayer and Nirvana. Jim’s personality is described as “goofy, witty” and he loves to listen to his Mariachi playlist.

Jason Johnston is the fellow guitar player and vocalist from Manitowoc, WI. Jason grew up on a large farm where he escaped at 15 years’ old and fell in love with the guitar at job corps. His musical influences stem from Guttermouth to Steve Vai and he is also a father of a young son.

Camren Crouse is the bass player and backing vocalist from Pulaski, WI. Camren first learned to play saxophone in school and in high school he bought a bass and joined a metal band. His musical influences range from Iron Maiden to Blink 182 and Fall Out Boy and his personality is described as a “social butterfly, the ‘meathead’” and a versatile hypeman.

Finally, from Crivitz, WI we have Jordan Hoium who is the drummer and backup vocalist. Jordan began playing guitar before he can remember and learned percussion formally in school. His musical influences range from Freddie King and Lynyrd Skynyrd to Godsmack and Tool and he loves playing guitar in his spare time.

Slower Traffic Keep Right is a unique and talented hard rock band with equally unique and talented members. Get ready to rock with this crew as they bring their diverse sounds to the stage.


Give us a follow here: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100087056700015

Give us a listen here: https://slowertraffickeepright.hearnow.com/zombie#nt_musiclinks

Give us a watch here (video coming soon): https://youtu.be/QhbrYHJPfZE

Get your STKR merch here: www.stkrband.com


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